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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The House on Devil's Bar

The House on Devil's Bar
by Jessie McAlan


GENRE:   US Amateur Sleuth



The police verdict of a woman’s accidental drowning in the Mississippi River does more than set tongues wagging in the small Missouri town of Klim; it starts a flood of cancellations that threaten to sink Rona Murray’s bakery and events business. And blacken her good name. Determined to save both, she starts her own investigation to prove she and her property are blameless.  Barbara Lindborg had stopped by Linn House to consider renting it for a party. Yet, when Rona returned from accepting a delivery, the woman had vanished.

Rona’s preliminary search for Barbara yields nothing more than suggestive footprints on the Bar.  Did the woman accidentally fall into the river?  Was she pushed – and if so, why?  A later hunt reveals Barbara’s cell phone in the woods. How did it get halfway up the hill if the woman drowned a hundred feet below? The phone’s camera holds snaps of Klim, its residents, and the Bar. Do any of these hold a clue to her death? Or did her and Rona’s earlier conversation about history and treasure have a different meaning?

Suspects and motives pop up like bubbles in yeast. Is Matt, an employee, still bitter about his and Barbara’s divorce? What about Rona’s own ex, Johnny? Is he trying to drive her out of business, or is his current girlfriend, Crystal, jealous of their relationship and trying to eliminate the competition? A bit like calling the kettle black, for Crystal seems very friendly with Frank, the bad boy neighbor. Frank isn’t lily-white, either. He dislikes Rona; is he behind the pranks on her property or mixed up in Barbara’s death?  It isn’t until Rona’s life is threatened one stormy night that she learns the killer’s identity and her true feelings about Johnny.


Rona paused in the doorway and watched Crystal climb the steps to the gazebo.

Johnny smiled, amused at Rona’s interest. “She’s a nature lover.”


“Forget about her for the moment, Ronnie.”

“I’d be glad to. Can you? She seems to be…well endowed.”


“I’m speaking of all those gold bracelets, Dear.”

“Right. I think they’re trinkets from her ex-husband.”

“I didn’t know the wife got gifts at the divorce proceedings.”

“I didn’t phrase that right, Ronnie. He gave them to her during their marriage.”

“So she clings to them instead of his arm. Charming.”

My Review

The House on Devil's Bar was a mystery novel that involved me from the first page. I loved the description of Linn House, and I liked the heroine who worried so much about a missing woman. The Mississippi River is almost like a character itself due to the author's flair for description. I tried to guess whodunit, but I didn't. I had the wrong character all along. If you like mysteries I highly recommend The House of Devil's Bar. 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A family trip to the Big Spring area in the Missouri Ozarks introduced Jessie to the wonders of nature.  Her summer stints as a camp counselor and canoeing instructor cemented her enthusiasm.  This love of the natural world and the river flows through her Linn House mysteries.
In 2001 Jessie graduated from Webster University with a BA degree and departmental honors in English.

She lives in the St Louis, MO area and spends as much time as she can camping and watching the barges on the river.

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Title: Belong
Author: NB Baker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 26, 2017 Cover Designer: Robin Harper @ Wicked by Designs

When everything is stacked against you, sometimes surviving only happens when you find that one person in the world and the one place you truly…
This world can beat you down.
Make you feel worthless.
Swallow you up in its darkness.
In the blink of an eye the people I loved more than anything, were taken from me.
Leaving me alone with no one but my abusive father.
If you get told you’re worthless often enough, you start to believe it.
You drink it in until it poisons your soul.
That was my life…until Justin.
The minute I saw Sarah, I knew she was special.
I wanted to claim her then, but she wasn’t ready.
Seeing her again, I know I’m done waiting.
I want her.
I’m not stopping until I make her see how special she is.
I want her to look in the mirror and see the woman I see, the woman who was made for me. Sarah thinks she doesn’t deserve me.
She doesn’t think I can understand the pain inside of her.
I have the same darkness inside of me.
I just need her to believe in herself and in me.
In us.
Can two damaged souls learn to trust and lean on each other?
Can they put their past behind them and learn just how beautiful life can be together?
Or when tragedy strikes, will it all be lost forever?
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I'm Iowa born; but now I reside in Wyoming with my husband and children, including our four legged children, Kiera and Jade. I love to write in the spare time I have after working forty hours in the financial world and playing wife and mom (a.k.a. chef, doctor, housekeeper, taxi driver, zookeeper, homing device, and much more).


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beyond the Book: Flood

Welcome to Beyond the Book. Today I'll share part of the prologue from my new book Flood. I hope you enjoy it!


Drawn together by their love of animals, Aria De Luca and Caleb Hawkins burn for each other. They never suspected that malignant forces around them were successfully plotting Caleb’s ruin from the moment he entered her life. When the flood of a century strikes Aria’s hometown, an alienated Caleb is all that stands between her and catastrophic loss.

Last Week:

Aria’s chair squeaked as she leaned back. She made a mental note to get some oil for it the next time she went to the store. “Well, the Second Chance program is a new initiative for convicts. It’s sponsored by the Department of Corrections.”

Lila laughed in the way that made all of her friends want to laugh too. “Convicts, huh? I didn’t know you knew any convicts, especially not convicts that would make you cry. You’ve been holding out on me.” 


“This is serious,” Aria insisted even though she did smile at Lila’s teasing. She tossed her tissue into the trashcan. “The Department of Corrections partners with community organizations to place model convicts in out- of-prison job settings. It’s supposed to let the convicts learn a skill they can use when they’re released.”

“That’s no reason to cry.” Lila blinked. “Uh, we aren’t getting one, are we? Not that I dislike convicts, but still... Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone who’s been in prison. Besides, I bet your dad wouldn’t like it at all if you started staffing the clinic with criminals.” 

Follow my blog tour and read multiple excerpts from Flood and maybe win an Amazon gift certificate. You can find my tour schedule here.

Monday, June 26, 2017

7 Days With You

Seven Days with You
by Hugo Driscoll


GENRE: YA Romance



Sean Johnson’s life as a small-town farmhand has been nothing but predictable, but when he meets Sophia Hillingdon at the local animal sanctuary, she gets him out of an eighteen-year rut, away from the mundane existence on the farm, and a grieving, drunken father.

Sophia is the first person who understands him and makes him believe that he might get out of their small town, who tells him, he has the potential to be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do.

But as their relationship unfolds, it is the most devastating of news that will change both of them forever.



Her face was nearer than it had ever been. Her skin felt smooth and warm. All I could do was lean further into her, losing myself in the moment. And then there were her piercing blue eyes-even more extraordinary up close. Before I knew it, I’d brought my hands to her chest as our parting lips collided. We kissed for hours, inhabiting each other with such force as our bodies rolled across the cooled grass. She was the change I had been searching for. It was the first time I realized; I could be anywhere in the world, but nowhere without her.

A Word From the Author 

The hardest part of writing is….
The hardest part of the writing process is the risk involved. You’re devoting precious hours of your life for a creation that may or may not be read by anyone other than your nearest and dearest. You can spend months- years even- writing what you think is a great novel only to have it rejected at every turn. That’s why a good writer is a risk-taker. You’re creating something that you hope will reach an audience. You have a story that may or may not be good. But you don’t know until you sacrifice things in your life for a shot at something great.  Not everyone has that in them, which is why so many brilliant writers find it hard to finish a novel, let alone build a career.

Regarding the process, the dialogue aspect has always been tricky. Sure, you can write 10 pages about a window and use a variety of superfluous adjectives, but what good fiction really comes down to is relatable dialogue. Can you express a person’s vernacular in a way that is well-written but also relatable and engaging? Can you move someone to tears from a conversation, so compelling readers feel the characters jumping off the pages? That’s what separates fiction writing from journalism and blog posts. It takes more time, and in the end, the level of detail required causes many to lose their patience.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Hugo Driscoll is a 25-year- old British journalist and content writer for an online publication in London.

When he's not working, you can usually find him writing in the basements of cafes or lamenting the unfair treatment of millennials in overcrowded London bars.

You can also find Hugo on Twitter, Facebook, and his personal blog, which he updates regularly.

Seven Days with You is his first novel.

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Harper's Place

Harper’s Place
by Sheryl Winters


GENRE: Romance



Harper Grey is fed up with over-bearing men. Her father wants to sell the family hamburger joint to her brother because a woman could never make it successful.

Harper knows she has the same flair for business as her mother, and sexy Navy SEAL Patrick O’Brien dares her to prove it to the world.

When duty calls and Patrick must leave her side, will Harper be strong enough to make her dream a reality?


“How would you bring in new business, though?”

I’m amazed that he seems to find our conversation interesting. He’s an audience willing to listen and I’ve not had that in a long time. Damn this crush of mine. It won’t be easy to tame after tonight.

“New menu items, specials, things like that. Start serving dessert, like pies. Easy cook items. With the new burgers I’ve created and a new d├ęcor, I’d open in the summer when the air is fresh and everyone is happy to be out of the snow, hungry for grilled food. I think we could do fine.”

“What’s your hold up?”

“Tony, Dad. It’s complicated.” I shrug. His arm feels good, and I have the overwhelming urge to nuzzle against it. "Did you kiss Amy Parker when you were twelve? She still brags about it." Did I just ask him about kissing? What is wrong with me? Will this mouth of mine never shut up? Stop it, Stop it, stop it!

"That I did, in a closet over at Robert Anderson’s house."


"I was twelve and desperate. You can't blame me. I do blame that stupid soda bottle.  And your first kiss?" There is a challenge in his voice.

"Kevin Monroe at the Klines Movie Theater. He sent me a six-page note the next day about how much he loved me, and I freaked out and dumped him."

"Any regrets?"

I choke back a giggle. "Naw, ‘cept I remember I liked his cologne. It could have been aftershave, but it was nice." It’s not half as nice as the Aramis that Patrick has on. Something about it sends a shiver up my spine that has nothing to do with the zombie waiting in Dad’s office.

"The dark isn't so bad, now is it?"

"I guess not."

Silence surrounds us. The fear that enveloped me seems to disappear.

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"No." It sounds terrible now that I've said it out loud. Like I’m admitting to being a desperate and dateless leper.

"So," he drawls out, "ever thought of dating a military guy?" He squeezes my fingers.

Is he serious?

His fingertip smooths over the rough callouses I've gained from years of hard work. Suddenly my wasted evening of not going out to celebrate is starting to look better. "I think it would depend on which military guy."

"You're killing me. You know that, don’t you?" His strangled tone only sets off a case of the giggles.

"Are you asking me out, Patrick?"

"Trying to, but you're not making it easy.” The challenge is back in his voice.

"I wouldn't mind a date or two,” I manage to squeak out. Breathe, Harper, just breathe, calmly through your nose, out your mouth. Sainted Mother of God, Patrick asked me out! I hit the jackpot! Now all I have to do is not hit him.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I never set out to be an author. Only a storyteller. Some days I succeed better than others.



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